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The anatomy of a great post – and how you can “borrow” from it to make your posts more engaging

doubleshot media

You spend time bothering to write posts for your blog (Business or personal)

You’ve got lots of expertise – but it seems your posts are getting ignored.

This Social Media writing is so different from the professional style of writing you were taught at college?


Well, here’s an example of  a great post – by Barry Feldman – someone I didn’t really “know” until this morning.

Someone I will follow from now on!


Because I like his writing style – easy-to read – and full of valuable tips.

And a good example to borrow from!

I’ve analysed the writing techniques YOU can “borrow”  to make your posts more engaging – and to improve the chances they get read and SHARED.

1. Take time to craft a good heading or title

BF CB post

For me the title can be taken as a bit provocative – and makes me want to read…

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