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How to write “real world” posts that resonate and get response

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Don’t you love it when you read a message that really resonates with you?

A message that connects with your world – the real world!

walk sign

tea cup 2

This post was inspired by a cross-walk button and a tea cup.

The cross-walk sign was in a post from one of my favourite bloggers/writers Chris Brogan.

He was writing about getting a response and here’s how Chris started his piece.

Have you ever pushed a crosswalk button a thousand times because you’re in a hurry and you’re concerned it “didn’t take?” Today, in Toronto, I pushed a button and it lit up to tell me, “Hey, yes you did indeed push me.” Wow, I thought. A response.

This post really resonated with me because it wasn’t just theory – it related to something tangible in my world.

I also chuckled at how Chris seems able to find a message in everyday experiences and…

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