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How artistic performance can boost your workplace performance

What’s the first thing you think of when you think of the word “performance“?

The business part of me thinks of workplace performance – meeting KPIs – key performance indicators – measuring performance! Serious stuff!

Lots of my clients (no names mentioned) are finding it a challenge to keep up with increasing workplace demands.

Some, for the first time in their successful careers, are experiencing “performance anxiety” – when having to make an important presentation OR calmly make a vital business decision.

Then, there’s the dad part of me that watches my kids’ performances – dancing or playing drums.

Cleo ballet

Yesterday, I was watching my daughter dancing on stage – and I thought a great advantage these kids will have when they need to “perform” in a work situation.

I’m impressed with the way my kids are taught the importance of practice AND taking advantage of every opportunity to perform in front of crowds. These kids are taught discipline and listening and working together as a group.

O percussion

I see my daughter’s dance group perform on all sorts of different stages. I’m impressed with the way they always get to a venue early and inspect the “space” they need to perform on.

The kids are taught to “problem solve” and adjust their performance to fit in with the stage.

For example, a routine may involve 10 dancers – but they find out the space is smaller than their “usual space”. They decide to perform comfortably with 6 dancers – rather than be too crowded with 10 dancers crammed into the smaller space.

So, these kids are not just being prepared for careers in the arts. To be honest, there are too few positions in the performing arts – and even those who do get in are often only in the arts for a short time.

These kids are being prepared for performing in work situations – discipline, practice, staying calm under pressure, adapting to changing situations!


It’s funny, I often help clients drawing from my degrees and experience in law and journalism.

TB drama mosaic

What I’m drawing on a lot these days, in helping clients with workplace performance, is things I learned from my (very modest but totally enjoyable) performance experience – and the valuable lessons taught to me by great teachers in the performing arts!

If you’re interested in more about how the performing arts can help your business performance – here are some more posts! Enjoy.

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