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If you are going to bother #Blogging or #Vlogging – you must take it seriously and make it happen. Pt 1 – Tips here

I you start blogging or vlogging (video blogging) – I encourage you to take it seriously.

Don’t make it something you do AFTER you’ve done all your other work.

Don’t make it something that’s a last priority you fit in around your other commitments – a “maybe” thing, if you get some time.

I often help very talented business people improve their blogging and sometimes I need to give them some “tough love”.

I can see they have writing talent and they have a lot of business wisdom they can share.

I see them start to progress – but then miss opportunities or fall behind.

Their blogging often gets pushed aside by other work commitments. I see some clients write an amazing draft blog – but by the time they post it, the event it was linked to is long gone. The chance of hooking into or “riding the wave” of buzz – had gone. Opportunity missed!

They need to be more discipined and decisive. And yes, determined to finish what they start.


I help other clients who like to express themselves in video blogs (Vlogs) – yet they wait until the end of the day AFTER they’ve attended to all their other work.

I have to be honest and tell them: they look tired, they sound less than sparkling.

I tell them – this sort of vlogging damages their brand.

If they are going to vlog they need to stake out “prime time” when they are at their best and most sparkling.

So, TIP 1: To take it Seriously – schedule time – and stick to it.

Stake out and devote some of your PRIME TIME (when you are at your peak) for dedicated blogging or vlogging.

For example, it’s a Saturday morning as I write this .

I get up at 4 a.m. every day. My peak time is from 5 a.m. – 6 a.m. – while my kids are still asleep and before I get them up ready for school. At 4 I’m still a bit groggy and less than sparlking but by 5, I’m usually in a reasonable state. Plus it’s quiet. I don’t get interrupted.

On Weekends, the kids sleep in longer – so it’s now 6:30 a.m.

Some friends think I’m crazy with this routine – getting up at 4 every morning.

I do it because I’m serious about blogging – regularly, not just when I feel like it. I schedule some “prime time” and I stick to it.

TB headline technique

Maybe I’m a hard-arse. That’s what I get paid to do. Many successful clients appreciate the “tough love”.

What do you think? If you blog or vlog – what do you do to take it seriously?

How do you make it happen?

Regularly – not just when you feel like it!

How do you make t a priority?

Please share in the comments section below.

I understand that expressing yourself by blogging or vlogging can feel more pleasant than your other work. It may not feel like “real work” however it can be an important part of developing your brand and your business.

Blogging and vlogging takes discipline – and planning.


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