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Use this super S-word to attract busy readers to your #Writing and #Blogging

If you’re very busy (as I am) and want to improve your writing – you have to be very careful about what you invest your time in reading.

Every morning I scan my e-mails and my twitter stream and make cold and calculated decisions about what few things to read and what to ignore.

When something does attract my attention – I try to analyse what “persuaded” me to bother to read it.

I’ve recently started “studying” and enjoying quick and easy writing tips from Henneke Duistermaat from Manchester in the UK.

HD 7-business-blogging-tips-how-to-generate-leads-with-a-company-blog-2-638

I’m based in Australia and I’m not connected with Henneke in any business way – other than being a fan and “student” of her work.

I’m an experienced writer and writing coach – and I continue to learn from others. That’s the wonderful thing about social media. You can access and connect with international talent.

You just have to have discernment to work out what suits you and the discipline to take time to “study” and learn from others.

When I analyse why I always read her e-mail tips or posts promoted via twitter – it comes down to the S- word – SNACK.

Her tips promise to be quick “bites” you can “eat and enjoy quickly on the run” – not a heavy, “have to sit down for a while” commitment.

Also, I must say her posts usually create curiosity and a desire to find out how things are connected. Things you don’t expect to see in the same line – and you want to find out how the very different things are connected.

For example:

I read a lot about effective calls to action.

With this post headline/e-mail subject line, I want to know what calls to action have to do with Ferraris!

HD tip

Anyway, I read the snack. It’s just a light but memorable message about standing out like a red Ferrari.

I’m satisfied with the quick snack. The post makes its point. I move on – and I look forward to the next snack.

Thanks Henneke!

If you think you could benefit from quick snacks – you can sign up to Henneke’s FREE snacks.


I’m glad I signed up for the “snacks” – and I’m grateful.


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