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How to prepare an effective short presentation – quickly (pt 3/3) – big finish!


When presenting – make sure you finish strongly!

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In previous posts (links at the end) I shared how many presenters struggle with “short” presentations or when their presentations need to be cut short (usually by an event running long because other speakers are running over-time).

Presenters often run out of time and stop abruptly – rather than having a strong finish.

Even if you are presenting and your get told you have to wrap up – don’t just keep talking through your planned presentation until you run out of time.

Have a  strong finish planned – and smoothly move to that strong finish.

Also, signal that you are about to end.

Your audience will suffer from attention decay. Attention usually starts high and decays as a presentation progresses. It’s human nature. It’s natural – no matter how riveting a speaker may be.

By saying words like “to wrap…

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