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How Paul Weller and The Jam can help writers improve their writing

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Do you want to make your writing more “real” to your readers?

Well, you can – by borrowing from the powerful yet brief descriptive style of singer-songwriter Paul Weller.

The Jam T shirt

I first “got into” Weller’s lyrics – as a  huge fan of the band The Jam.

I played in uni  bands in Australia –  with a big UK influence!

Egg 1

Eugene and the Egg copy copy

I loved the music of the Jam and the “intelligence” and novelistic detail of Paul Weller’s  lyrics.

One of my favourite Jam songs is That’s Entertainment – for the lyrics.

It’s not like the usual energetic and electric  Jam songs. Musically, it is quite pedestrian (compared to their other songs) – but lyrically it is brilliant!

It’s acoustic with just light percussion and “easy” lyrics that flowed quickly to Weller.

Weller says he just described what was going on around him.

The lyrics describe the non-glamorous working-class life and what…

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