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#Marketing brilliance – you can borrow this too – practical + desirable + visible

heartI just came home from work and found this pink luggage tag from the Cancer Council to create more awareness of and to raise money for research into treating breast and gynaecological cancers.

pink luggage tag

My wife (a breakfast newsreader) supports Cancer Council Queensland and is an ambassador.

Monique Dews and Jo Hayes_Pink ambassadors

I do some work for Cancer Council Australia. I can’t claim credit for this merchandising and marketing brilliance – but I love it.

Probably because I recommended branded luggage tags as merchandise (and give-aways) to an entertainment client. I often help organisations stand out at industry expos or conventions with branded merch that people desire and use. Especially, merch that gets seen by a wider audience!

TB travel 2 shot

(the cane was only when I was recovering from a torn Achilles. I’m OK now!)

I travel a lot for work and I got the branded luggage tag idea at an airport waiting for my luggage.

Here’s why it’s such a good idea and how you can apply similar logic to create your own merch.

1. Practical – people need luggage tags. So many suitcases look the same. It helps to have a tag that stands out in colour and in shape. The pink, heart-shaped tag certainly stands out in colour and shape.

2. Desirable – It’s desirable because it’s practical AND because it’s helping a good cause

3. Visible – for me, the best part is that these tags, is that are visible to a captive audience. People have to wait for their bags and I’m sure when they see the pink, heart tags they will either:
(1) be reminded of The Cancer Council’s “Think Pink” promotions or (2) be curious to find out where those tags are from.

I also reckon people seeing them on other people’s bags – will want the pink heart tags. I predict kids will want them too. I predict parents will be motivated to ask the luggage owners where to get those tags.

Also this awareness will continue all year round.

My wife got two tags. My daughter wants one. I travel more than my wife – so I’ll probably use the other one.

So when you are trying to create merch or give-aways – remember to think beyond the usual, standard pens and USBs.

Think – what do people need? Items that are practical. That help people do something like identify their luggage quickly.

Think products that are desirable as well as practical – aesthetically pleasing. Maybe even tactile.

I admit I find these tags appealing to the eye

Think visible. What things are likely to be seen by others.

Those pink luggage tags are of use to the buyer AND will be seen by a much wider audience.

So, well done whoever came up with idea!

If you’re interested, here’s a post about other convention/conference/expo promotional items.

how to stand out with merchandise/giveaways


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