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Quit bitchin’ and start fixin’!

Don’t you love the colourful expressions of some colourful business leaders?


This is a favourite saying of one CEO I enjoyed helping. He owned the company – so he could afford to have his own colourful style.

When his managers would complain to him about the behaviour of certain workers – he’d “encourage” them to get solving the problem rather than taking too much time complaining about it (after they’d already raised the problem).

He’d listen to a complaint – ONCE. After that, it was QUIT BITCHIN’ AND START FIXIN’

It was great for me as a trainer because I’d often get called in to help with a solution.

TB LL mosaic

For example, workers were getting distracted from all sorts of behaviour from other workers.

They worked in an open-plan office where sounds and smells would distract others.

I’d get managers (and others) to “vent” all their complaints.

What things (even little things) were causing the most problems?

They’d be complainin’ about things such as:

– Noisy ring tones on mobile phones

– People not taking their mobile phones with them if they’d leave their desks

– noisy birthday celebrations

– noisy videos from social media – attached links via Facebook or twitter etc.

– smelly shoes – slipping off shoes in the office

– smelly food eaten at the desk

– people coming back from lunchtime workouts and being sweaty and smelly

Then, armed with this bitchin’ I could run some sessions to start fixin’ the problems.

If you don’t address these complaints – they won’t get fixed.

It’s pointless to just continue to complain.

Sure, have a good “vent” where you articulate what all the different complaints are.

But do more than complain.

To modify the CEO’s saying:

Get bitchin’ – then start fixin’
TB headline technique

If any of the above complaints resonate with you and your office – I’d love to help out. I’m experienced in bringing up these sorts of office problems in a diplomatic way.

Also, I believe in getting people involved in coming up with their own solutions – rather than just having something imposed on them.

Often the people closest to a problem have the best ideas in how to solve the problem.

Also, people are more likely to want to be part of a solution they have been part of creating.

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    May 10, 2017

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    An earlier post – this CEO’s tip is always helpful about the value of purposeful ‘bitching’

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