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How to enjoy your #Coffee even more today!

If you are like most people – you tend to gulp down your coffee OR you don’t really notice or enjoy your coffee.

TB coffee

You just drink it while you are engaged doing something else during our coffee break – checking your social media – surfing the net – catching up on e-mails.

Today, I tried truly enjoying my morning coffee – and it worked so well.

coffee beans

The tip actually came from serious research I was doing to help clients cope with workplace stress. The research was about using mindfulness to give your brain a break from workplace stress – by doing things ‘mindfully” with 100% attention and focus and with greater appreciation.

Mindfulness is about awareness and focus. It sounds a bit airy-fairy “zen” – but it’s a simple and very useful technique to help you have a better day (especially when work is stressful).


When enjoying a coffee (or tea) mindfully* it’s about focussing your mind on things such as:

– feeling the warmth
– smelling the smell
– noticing the feel of the cup against your lip
– savouring the taste and the aftertaste

Instead of gulping it down – let it sit in your mouth and “taste it”.

Now I understand that you may think
: this is just plain office coffee. It’s not worth taking time to taste.

The “exercise” more about developing a habit of focussing fully on an activity – and mindfully concentrating on it.

The theory is: by gently engaging your mind you are giving it a break from the usual concerns and consuming worries. And aren’t there lots of those in business these days?

Slide1 copy 5

It doesn’t have to be coffee! You can do this mindful exercise with so many things:

– mindfully enjoying your food
– mindfully enjoying a ride to work on a ferry
– mindfully enjoying a shower

I encourage you to try this simple and enjoyable “exercise”.

And coffee is an easy way to start!

I’m confident you will notice new things and enjoy your coffee even more.

Please share in the comments section any “little things” you noticed and appreciated even more.


* without getting hung up and strung out – I don’t know if mindfully is a word yet. Most articles seem to be from the US where mindfulness is spelled with one L

TB coffee montage

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