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#Coffee break tip – How #MadMen can help you “sell” ideas and win business

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When you need to spread your message and persuade people – then the TV show Mad Men can help you “sell” your message to your audience.

Mad Men season 7 poster

I know “selling” can have a negative and pushy image – but instead of pushing “stuff” on people, think connecting what people need and want and with what you can offer.

Go broader – think beyond your physical “product”.

What else does your audience want or need?

What else are you “selling”?

What other human needs and wants are you satisfying.

Think Mad Men!

The show is about advertising in the 1960s and has so many valuable communication lessons.

I’m loving season 7 at the moment – and “lessons”  and quotes from earlier seasons still come to mind!

I was helping some clients who work with the beauty and fashion industry “broaden” the appeal of their message.

They asked how to make their message…

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