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You’re on a beach with your dearest friends…

You’re on a beach with your dearest friends.

Can you picture them? Which of your friends did you choose?

What are your doing? Fishing with mates? Lying on the sand – soaking up some sun? Walking along the white sands with waves lapping at your feet?

Where is the beach? A tropical island?

Is it day or night? Sunset?

Different people will form different mental images. You could be reading this post at home or on a coffee break in your office – but chances are these simple words “You’re on a beach with your dearest friends…” transported you to a different place. The words stimulated your desire to paint your own picture.

You can use this technique to engage your busy readers with your blogs or e-mails or even tweets.

word nerd CU

As a word nerd and writing trainer – I “study” lots of effective writers from around the world.

I deliberately look through my e-mail in-box to see what subject lines get my attention and encourage me to open an e-mail.

e-mail subject lines

We are all so busy and we get so many message with our e-mail and our constant twitter streams.

Two subject lines that hooked my attention recently were:

1.You’re at a party with friends and

2. David Bowie is…

When I analyse it – the first subject line “started a story”. I supplied the detail and I was curious to see what the e-mail was about. You can see how it inspired this post!

The second subject line also made me supply my own details AND want to find out what the message was about.

The message was from a talented writer, Yamini Naidu, I “study” and learn from.

I give credit where credit is due – so here is the link to Yamini’s site to find out more about the Open Loop engagement technique.

open loop technique

Now, I know this sort of Open Loop technique will suit some subjects – but maybe not your average and routine business subjects.

As Yamini says – if you open a loop you have to close it AND deliver.

You don’t want to disappoint your reader.

TB international presentation coach

I help clients who work in industries where this Open Loop technique WOULD work – even in their routine business posts or e-mails.

One client provides travel insurance – and even through insurance itself can be “unsexy” – you could use a subject line or post title that links to a relevant “story” that relates to travel experiences that could require insurance.

Another client offers travel deals – so these sorts open loops could definitely work in engaging readers to read relevant messages!

You’re in a tuk-tuk…

You’re on an elephant…

You’re on a camel…

I know some of you may now be thinking of that Old Spice commercial with the line “I’m on a horse” – but you get the idea!

You may also notice the use of the ellipsis – the three dots

This means – there’s more.

And the reader supplies the “more”!

Anyway, I better go. I’m on a horse…on a beach…with my dearest friends!


Getaway travel

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