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Like to reduce your #stress? Try this “leaky tyre” technique

If you feel stressed you should try the “leaky tyre” technique.

bicycle flat tire

A friend of mine is an experienced singing teacher who has helped many star performers.

I always remember this breathing technique he showed me.

To be honest, I used to think he looked and sounded silly doing it – but now I can see the benefits and I use it myself – not with breathing for singing but breathing to help clients handle workplace stress and anxiety.

I call it the “leaky tyre” technique because when you exhale – you exhale through the mouth and make a noise like a tyre with a slow leak.

Often we are too embarrassed about making “silly noises” – but try it yourself and “feel” the stress escape like air out of leaking tyre.

Breathe in through the nose for the count of 3 – down deep so you feel your stomach expand (belly breaths rather than chest breaths)

Hold – I use the count of 3 – but some advise only holding for 1.

Exhale through the mouth – in my opinion this is the most important part. Open your mouth wide. Squeeze out all that air. Keep going. Often you can exhale for a couple of more counts (beats) than it took in inhale.

And make a noise like a leaking tyre. A long sustained leak!

Now you may be embarrassed making this noise – and I respect and understand that. A little trick I use is to make this noise when I am driving in my car alone. I use red lights as a prompt. Here’s a link to how I learned to welcome red lights!

Enjoy red lights!

Also, if I feel stressed I take a bathroom break or find a space where I can safety make the leaky tyre noise. I’ve even done it in elevators/lifts when I am by myself.

Once you feel the benefits – I’m sure you’ll use every chance you can to do this leaky tyre exercise – especially if you also visualise any stress leaking out of you!

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These days I work as a corporate trainer and consultant.

I use lots of stage and screen techniques I learned from great teachers and creative friends from my early years.
Show business tips to help show business how to present or handle “stage fright” or remember lines or keep business events running on time.

The show must go on!


Another effective technique I learned is the fast, heavy sigh. I’ll share that in the next post – after I take a “breather”. (An expression for taking a break to catch your breath).

If you’re interested here are some other show business showing business posts:

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