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Business #Presentation lesson from the #Wallabies v #Pumas #Rugby: create some drama with quick context and questions Pt 2

If you present as part of your job you can make your presentation more engaging and less boring by using the 1.2. QC-Q technique often used in the exciting intros to great rugby clashes like the ones between the Wallabies and the Springboks or the Wallabies and Argentina’s Los Pumas.


In part one, I shared the great intro to the game against the Springboks. Part 1

pumas fans

The intro of the clash against Los Pumas started strongly – but in my opinion could have finished more strongly.


The intro starts off quickly describing how the Wallabies bounced back against The Springboks and now they were facing Argentina’s arsenal of strong-arm forwards.

In my opinion, the QUESTION to be answered by the game could have been much stronger.

Will the Wallabies continue their 17-year winning run against the Pumas?

To me, this sounded ho-hum. The Wallabies have won the last 17 years. Nothing at stake.

Continuing a long run of victories is not as compelling as needing to win because X or Y?

It should have been more dramatic – hinting at the dangers of losing OR why it was so important for the Wallabies to win – especially within he context of the World Championship Rugby competition.

rugby commentating team

The commentating and hosting team that followed the intro certainly injected more drama on what was at stake and why there was a risk of losing.

This Pumas team was a much improved side. They could punish the Wallabies?

…a hungry Argentina out to get their first win in this tournament.

The Pumas coach had said during the week that they were poised to upset the Wallabies.

The Wallabies needed to work on their discipline after their narrow win against the Boks. Will poor discipline bring them down?

Some of this drama should have been injected into the intro.

Plus, the final question was a "fizzer".

It shouldn't have been about the Wallabies continuing a long run of victories against Los Pumas – BUT (something like)

Can The Wallabies turn their narrow victory against the Boks into a winning streak?


Can they get on a roll?


The Pumas haven’t won a game yet – and they’ve got something to prove. Will the Wallabies be their first victims?

Now, in your business presentations you don’t have to be as dramatic – but you can still use the one-two QC-Q technique.

Why are you giving this presentation? Why is it important? What’s at stake?

Too often, presentations seem dull and just going through the motions.

The Rugby commentators are adept at the quick and compelling back-story. Why it’s important for a team to win. What it will mean if a team doesn’t win.

word nerd CU

Let’s just say I need to give a presentation about a rather dry subject – better business e-mails
– I’d use the old 1.2. QC-Q technique to kick it off.

1. QC – quick context

More and more people are reading their e-mails on their phones these days. Reading AND replying “on the go.”

Our emails to our clients – and to each other – are getting ignored. Or only half answered.

We are too slow to respond. We’re losing business and we’re losing money because we’re getting sloppy on the small screen.

2. Qs – questions.

How can we write to get through to and be understood by people reading on the go?

How can we read our messages and respond better when WE are on the go?

and What happens if we don’t pick up our game?

pumas fans

Hey, I know that’s not as exciting as a rugby clash – but you get this idea!

I hope you’ll agree that this 1.2. QC-Q play is faster and more engaging than the usual business presentation agenda with a broad and boring title – Better Business E-mail.

I’d keep the Questions to 2 or 3 and make sure you finish with the strongest Question.

It’s easy to remember. Just say it out loud – 1.2. QC-Q

That’s another thing we can all learn from the Rugby commentators and hosts – how they use the sound of words.

rugby montage

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