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Business #Presentation lesson from the #Wallabies v #Pumas #Rugby: create some drama with quick context and questions Pt 1

If you present as part of your job – you can learn a lot from Rugby coverage of clashes between the Wallabies and the Springboks or the Argentinian team – Los Pumas.

Pumas 1

I love watching rugby clashes like these, especially between contrasting styles of rugby and teams with different playing strengths – strengths in rucks and mauls OR strength in running the ball.

I enjoy the games AND the lessons I learn from the presentation style of the coverage.

We can all make our business presentations more engaging by borrowing from the opening segments of the coverage.

The opening segments must quickly set up the importance of the game – and ask important questions the game will answer.

YOU can do the same with your presentations – with the old one-two QC- Q play –

1. quick context (QC) (why we’re here, what’s at stake) then
2. some intriguing Questions (Qs)


For example: in The clash between the Wallabies and The Springboks, Australia had just been thumped in the previous game by the All Blacks.

This was to be a vital game of recovery and redemption.


As the intro said (rather poetically) the Wallabies had just been battered and bashed…under the bright lights

Then the dramatic QUESTIONS:

Are they really ready to stand up to the the Springboks – Rugby’s bully boys?

…a team they haven’t beaten in two years.

How fast can you recover from a mugging? – we’re about to find out…

The game against the Pumas had a similar QC-Q approach. It started strongly – but,in my opinion, the intro could have ended stronger (as the Springboks one did!)

In Part 2 – I’ll share more on how the intro could have been stronger and how you can use the same engaging technique in our business presentations.

You can read part 2 here:
Part 2

rugby montage

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