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Get stressed? Try this and learn to enjoy red lights (Pt1)

Can you relate?

You’ve got more work to due to staff cutbacks and cost reductions. You get stressed at the increased workload and the fact that no matter how hard you work – you have trouble falling behind.

You don’t have enough time. You don’t like letting people down. You get stressed.

You always seem to be running late for meetings. When you travel for meetings or events you seem to get caught at every red light. You get stressed.

traffic light

If you can relate to any of these – here’s an easy little activity that can help.

I’ve tried doing it myself and it really works.

One of my business heroes from the US, James Clear, talks about the power of having triggers or reminders to remind you to do some positive activity.

It helps if the trigger is something that happens naturally during your day.

When I drive, especially when I need to get somewhere important, the lights seem to change to red just as I reach them.

I used to get stressed. Now the opposite happens. If I get stuck at red lights – that’s the trigger/reminder for me to see how many slow, deep breaths I can fit in before the lights change.

In a previous post I shared about the calming effect of “belly breaths” or diaphragm breathing

See How to breath deeply and exhale properly here:

deep, calming breaths

Instead of dreading the red lights – I now welcome them.

I also use triggers in the office to remind and encourage me to calmimg deep breaths. I’ll share how in the next post!


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