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Tip for #marketing yourself or your organisation – find the “AND” angle (Pt 2)

When you need to market yourself or your organisation it helps to find your AND angle.

In part 1 of this series, I shared how I am helping photographers market themselves by finding (and promoting) their AND angle.

To help illustrate the point I am using, with kind permission, this photo I saw from a Facebook friend (a news cameraman on assignment with Australian troops in Afghanistan) that really illustrates the AND angle!

facebook sunset

For me, what makes this photo special is the AND – the sunset AND the barbed wire – the contrast. Both in the same shot.

A shot of just a sunset – nice but not necessarily special. Shot of barbed wire – ominous but “common”.

A shot of the beautiful, soft, warm sunset juxtaposed with the sharp, cold metal wire – in my opinion it’s the AND that makes this shot extra-ordinary.

I’m guessing the cameraman had to get up high to get this image – judging by the height of the fence!

To me, it’s as if the sun is contained and ensnared within the circle of wire.

Then again, I’m one of those former journalists who probably over-thinks things 🙂

I express myself with words – yet I think good photos express things far more powerfully. The amazing power of photos – is people can draw their own meanings!

That’s why I like to help talented photographers. In my experience, many photographers can be shy (unlike pushy journalists) and don’t market themselves as well as they could.

I’m only an average photographer – but I have had the privilege of working with exceptional camera people – especially on travel shows like Getaway.

TB Stalin

Camera people see the world differently.

Their talent is not just about lenses and appeture and technical stuff.

It’s about seeing the contrasts BEFORE you take a shot.

It’s about moving and positioning yourself to get the angle where you get different things in the same shot – not just the sunset, not just the wire – but the wire AND the sunset.

So what’s your AND?

When you market your service or product you need to also position yourself and find the AND angle! What’s your combination that makes you stand out – that makes you exceptional.

As you probably know, times are tough for business. Organisations are slashing budgets and trying to do things on the cheap.

YOU need to work harder to demonstrate that you are worth the money. Either you bring some extra, worthwhile BENEFIT or you help relieve some painful BURDEN!

In Part 1, I shared some possible AND angles for photographers. If you’re interested here’s the link:

Find your AND angle part 1


TB Media mosaic

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