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Tip for #marketing yourself or your organisation – find the “AND” angle (Pt 1)

I am about to give a guest lecture on marketing and business development to photography students and I am getting paid very well. Not in money but in something far more valuable – good photos.

You see, these days with modern camera technology everyone thinks they are good photographers. In my opinion,there are so many good photos we see for free every day, professional photography has been devalued.

Talented, professional photographers have trouble “establishing their value” and getting business and getting paid. Some media organisations often just expect a reporter on the scene to snap some pics for a story.

Other organisations trying to reduce costs will often expect some worker with a camera to snap some pics of an event. Why pay for a professional photographer?

My argument is that good photographers are worth paying for because they have special skills – and not just technical skills.

They have that extra AND

When I last spoke to a group of photographers about marketing themselves they gave me some photos after the event. I was able to use these photos in my business.

TB talking to photog students

(I didn’t pay in cash – but I hope I “exchanged value” by sharing my expertise to help them market themselves.)

As Clint Eastwood would say in those Dirty Harry movies: “A good man knows his limitations.”

I have many limitations…including…

TB lateline
(Why so serious??)

I usually look too “serious” and bad in most photos – but these photographers during my guest lecture managed to time shots where I appeared less serious and even friendly and approachable 🙂
That’ why I am so keen to work with them again!

Professional photographers know the best (most flattering) angles. They capture the “action moments”. They make you look good – well, “as good as you can look”.

TB talking to class

So, when I help photographers market themselves – I encourage them to find the “AND”.

For example:

1. many old-style corporate shots look out of date and “too corporate”. You know the type of photo – looking straight at the camera with a set-up, artificial pose. Boring, cheesy!

The “AND” in this case for a photographer could be – You are a photographer AND you specialise in the more modern and natural photo style to appeal to a younger demographic.

2. A good friend of mine is a talented photographer AND she’s a mum with three gorgeous daughters. She loves taking photos of her girls.

Her “AND” is her speciality of working with kids and especially capturing special moments at kids’ parties.

From attending LOTS of kid parties and holding them as well, I know that parents are often too busy to capture the moment. Sure, a friend could take a few snaps on their phone – but why not get a professional kid party photographer? Someone who can stand back with a long lens and unobtrusively capture those special moments.

Here is a photo of a special, candid moment she captured at my daughter’s party – my daughter and my wife. Priceless! I know I’m biased – but you get the idea. Capturing special moments is so important.

Cleo and Mon b'day ena photo

So I encourage YOU to find that AND angle.

What’s your AND? – that extra thing you offer to make it worth paying for your services or product.

I thought long and hard about how to best get across the message of the AND angle.

Then I saw this great photo from a Facebook friend – a news cameraman on assignment with Australian troops in Afghanistan. That’s the power of photos especially taken by professionals!

facebook sunset

I’ll share more in my next post about how this photo definitely has the AND angle.

What’s your AND angle? – part 2



2 comments on “Tip for #marketing yourself or your organisation – find the “AND” angle (Pt 1)

  1. efangelist
    August 6, 2015

    Reblogged this on efangelist.

  2. foodie@garnishfood
    August 6, 2015

    This is gold, thanks! Do any of your photographer students have photo friends in Perth? Ideally, their ‘AND’ would be food photography AND candid photography. My wedding photographer was very good at capturing candid moments, but I figure she is busy with weddings… and I’m looking for an up and coming creative with fresh enthusiasm for their craft. Also, if you let your photography students know that organisations like The Perth Collective, also popping up in Sydney, Melbourne etc. are very supportive and promote ‘creatives’ in small business, including photographers.

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