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Business Lessons from #Wallabies v #Springboks (Pt 2) – what is Matt Burke really selling?

When you watch the rugby World Championships, chances are you also see that segment where former Wallaby and current commentator Matt Burke talks about Dove Man Maintenance.

Now I am not associated with Dove in any way – but I DO enjoy watching those 90 second segments.

Matt Burke Dove

As well as enjoying and studying the recent clash between the Wallabies and the Springboks, I also enjoyed studying how the commercials are strategically positioned and created to appeal to the rugby-loving audience.

I’ll often get my son to watch those Man Maintenance segments with me – to see things like the passing accuracy of hitting the goal post to the left and then the goal post to the right.

wallables passing

We often chuckle at seeing some of the current Wallabies throwing or kicking a ball around with “old-timer” Burke and giving him and each other some good-natured stirring – like teasing Burke about his old Wallabies jersey that “should be in a museum”.

I’m sure that’s exactly what the writer/creator had in mind – because what Matt Burke is selling is not just Dove skin products – what he’s really selling is a “blokey” reassurance that “it’s OK!”

Now, as well as being a Rugby fan, I’m a big fan of the TV show Mad Men about Advertising. I often help businesses including advertising agencies “sell” ideas.


And watching the latest instalment of Matt’s Man Maintenance with the Wallabies, it reminded me of some selling and advertising wisdom from Mad Men.

“Advertising is based on one thing: happiness. And do you know what happiness is? Happiness is the smell of a new car…reassurance that whatever you’re doing is OK. You are OK.”

boys and balls

Now, for me, happiness is throwing or kicking a ball around with my son and I think that most recent Dove instalment is “selling” the appeal of blokes throwing a ball around and giving each other some gentle ribbing.

Dove seems to associate itself with this “blokey” simple joy – and by association blokes looking after their skin (or arm pits) is OK. It’s OK and you’re OK if your partake in Man Maintenance.

As I said, I am in no way connected with Dove and I haven’t used it. Maybe I will one day. Maybe my son will. Thanks to the segment, it is now “on our radar”.

What do you think? Do you dislike or like those segments? Please share in the comments section below. Maybe you are not as easily amused as we are! I wonder if the tough Boks would ever use skin care products 🙂

rugby montage

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