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Fun words – #typochondriac + #momager

Scrabble new words

Do you like new words people make up? Often they combine or tweak existing words to describe something new.

This post was inspired by a message that made me laugh – from a mother who jokingly shared how she dreamed of her daughter becoming an international model and her (the mother) escaping an office job to become a mum/mom-manager – a momager.

Because it said mom – rather than mum, I’m guessing she borrowed an American expression. Still, it was the first time I’d heard the expression and it make me chuckle. Maybe, she made it up.

Another new word I love is Typochondriac – to describe someone who checks their works again and again and again – because they fear sending out a typo.

While it’s professional to check your work for typos – you can go too far and be a typochondriac and delay too long or make yourself ill with worry.
word nerd CU

Love that clever new word. I’m sure I’ll use it in sessions where I help people reduce writing mistakes and yet send out messages promptly.

If you love new words please share in the comment section any new ones you learn of.

Also, please start thinking of a new word to describe clever new words.

Neologism is, I believe the technical term – but I’m sure we can go better in creating a more clever new word to describe new words!


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