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For #Coffee lovers – how a good coffee can transport you to a more exotic place


Do you like to have the same sort of coffee day after day after day? Some people are creatures of habit.

I encourage you to “mix it up a bit” and try different types of coffee (or teas!)



1. in my opinion, there are so many wonderful “variations” on how to make and serve coffee. You should try to experience different beverage “joys’ (Coffees or teas or other drinks)

2. If you are in the middle of a “boring” routine work day, varying your beverage can liven up your day.

For example, I am in Singapore for work and I factor in some fun and I love to try different sorts of drinks including a Vietnamese style coffee with sweet condensed milk.

When I am back in Australia in the middle of a rather routine day, I will deliberately seek out Vietnamese or Saigon-style coffee. One sip and I am in some more exotic location. It’s a little break.

3. You can learn a lot about people from their drink of choice and how they like to have it presented to them. I am lucky to have lots of creative and wise friends I admire.

I will often deliberately take note of their drink of choice AND try their drink – just to broaden my experience. (I buy my own of course – I don’t just drink part of their drink!) πŸ™‚

For example, some like sweet and frothy. Others like bitter and earthy.

Also, notice how quickly people drink their coffee?

Some like to knock back a quick coffee “shot”. Others prefer to linger over a long, milky coffee.

Me, I like variety. I like to learn about different things and will often try the most unusual drink on a menu.

I also like to soak up the atmosphere in a good cafe when I have time – so I’ll often order coffees that you slowly sip and savour.

This is a coffee concoction I really, really enjoyed in a Spanish restaurant. This is a coffee you take your time to savour! This creation deserves a post of its own!

Link here >

Creative coffee concoctionIt’s non-alcoholic.

coffee coktail

A good mate of mine has a quirky habit. I find it amusing. He finds it practical. Even if he is sitting in a cafe, he will ALWAYS order his coffee in a take-away container just in case he has to leave in a hurry. He argues that his choice is logical and practical because the lid keeps his coffee warmer longer.

coffee takeaway

Anyway, as a lover of coffee and the whole coffee experience and a keen observer of people – I encourage you to:

1. try different type of coffee or other drinks rather than sticking to the same old type you always have
2. take note of the beverage preferences of your friends and colleagues. Maybe even try what they are having – to see what it’s like.

Writing this post has made me want to contact some of my friends – to catch up for coffee!

viet stle coffee

Also, Please take a moment to think about your preferred coffee or tea – and what is it about it that makes you like it. Please share in the comments section below.


TB coffee montage

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