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What makes a pun-loving “Star Wars” dad so proud

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What makes you proud of your kids? Sporting achievement? Good marks?

O and T

I must confess for this pun-loving “Star Wars” dad – I love it when my boy makes up his own jokes – especially when they involve Star Wars.

We both love Star Wars and of course celebrate Star Wars day – May the 4th.

O vintage Star Wars collection

Anyway, for Christmas I bought my son a special Star Wars cookbook – complete with pun and word-play treats such as Hoth Chocolate and Obi Wan tons.

Star wars cookbook

Obi Wan Tons

My boy, Orlando, made up his own Australian Star Wars treat – the Laming-taun taun.

The Lamington is an Australian treat.


The taun taun is of course a creature from Star Wars and is pronounced like Ton ton.

taun taun

Also, this morning I see my son at the breakfast table like this – because he claims Nutri- grain is Iron Man food.(Maybe only Aussies will get that one.)

ironman food


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