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How you can answer tough questions – like Mark McCombe from BlackRock


How you can answer tough questions like Mark McCombe – Chairman (Asia-Pacific) BlackRock

If you’d like to feel more at ease when answering tough questions – either in meetings and face-to-face encounters OR in media interviews – you can learn a lot from Mark McCombe.

Mark McCombe Managing Asia

I saw Mr McCombe “in action” as I was flying from Australia to Singapore to help a client.  Mark McCombe was being interviewed by Christine Tan on CNBC’s Managing Asia. On the flight I had time to carefully study his media performance. I was so impressed – I watched his interview twice!

Managing Asia Christine Tan

The more I listened to Mr McCombe – the more impressed I was with his  poise and calm under pressure  – the pressure of the interview.

Journalists often have to be seen to be asking the tough questions – and Christine Tan seems to be a seasoned and tenacious interviewer. (I’ll…

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