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Improve your social media writing – borrow from Hemingway’s “true sentence” style


“All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence you know.”

Ernest Hemingway 

If you want to improve your writing for social media – borrow from the bold and brief yet “true” style of Ernest Hemingway.

TB at Hs

Good writing for your social media needs to be engaging and reader-focused.

Short words. Short sentences. True sentences.

word nerd CU

In my “day job”, I  teach people how to write – smart people  (like lawyers, engineers, and financial analysts) who have been trained by their professions to write long, limp lifeless sentences.

Distant. Passive. Dull!

When I am not teaching writing – I am busy reading and learning . Learning from writers like Hemingway.

I  first read Hemingway at  high school – and loved it.

Hemingway learned his  punchy writing style as a reporter. His “myth” was part of the inspiration for me to leave a  safe career in law

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