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Positive messages – let’s test how “positive” you are.

TB+ positive and persuasive communication tips

Let’s test how “naturally positive” you are.

When I train organisations on how to deliver difficult messages as respectfully and as positively as possible, I often do this exercise I would like to share with you.

The positive side of being a “word nerd”

I advise how it’s not only bad etiquette to break bad news by e-mail (it’s not respectful) – it’s also open to misunderstanding. You can get more accurate meaning from the tone of voice in a phone call or by voice and facial expressions when you communicate face-to-face – but  written words alone can often be misunderstood.

You see, different people can take different meanings from words alone – depending on how “positive” they are feeling. Your positivity can depend on your natural degree of positivity and also your mood at the time.

In sessions I will project words on a screen and get…

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