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Warning: Don’t make “work-scuses”!

doubleshot media

Most of us make the mistake of making “work-scuses”.  


I know I do – and they get in the way of getting the most important work done.

A work-scuse is when you tell yourself (and maybe others) that you are too busy to do something because you are busy working on something else.

Work-scuses are often the cause of procrastination and delay.

For example, this week I had important work to do – but it was dull and demanding work.

I found other more exciting work to do.

I’ve come to know my “areas that need improvement”. A big area to improve is the work-scuse!

I work hard – but sometimes not at the most important stuff!

I’d much rather work on  creating some new and exciting training  project – rather than the more mundane tidying up a project I have finished delivering.

TB talking to class

The first step of fixing

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