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What’s your favourite Top Gun quote? How being a Top Gun fan can help you connect and spread your messages

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e-Fan-gelism: Putting the FAN in evangelism – harnessing your passions to connect and spread your messages.

What’s your favourite line from Top Gun?

In my rush to create a group of e-Fan-gelists, I didn’t take the time to check the spelling and I set it up as “e-fan-geists”. I missed the “L”. When  a friend pointed out my error, I couldn’t help myself  and replied with my usual knee-jerk reaction excuse for  going too fast and not paying attention to spelling:

“I’m not happy unless I’m going Mach 2 with my hair on fire!”

Anyone heard a similar line before?  Yes, it’s from that wonderful 80s movie “Top Gun”.   

Now you may never guess it – but I am a massive FAN on Top Gun –  and so are lots of lots of other  now “respectable”  business types who enjoyed that magical movie in the 1980s.

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