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For a more positive, effective attitude: turn WTF! into WTL?

doubleshot media

This post was inspired by a speaker I heard on the weekend.


His uplifting message was about changing your thoughts to deal with challenging situations (and I’m paraphrasing):

Instead of thinking – “Why Me?” think “What’s the lesson here for me?”

turn the why into a what!

I’ve tweaked his message –

Instead of thinking WTF! – think WTL?what’s the lesson.  🙂

What can I learn from this:

1. to stop this happening again?

2. to make things better next time?

3. to help others “learn from this mistake” so they don’t make it?

I like positive messages – delivered in a kick-ass, real-world  way

Now, I must remember to take my own advice to deal with challenges I need to face!

I like simple little tips and tricks to turn thinking around – like turn the ! into a ?

It’s easy to remember…

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