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Great life lesson from #Bledisloe Cup II

Can you relate?

I reckon Rugby Union AND Rugby League are MORE than just games.

Barrett tackle

I often use them as “life lessons” for my Rugby-loving son.

boys and balls

Now I am a Wallabies supporter – but I re-played to my son an All Blacks amazing moment from last night’s Bledisloe Cup II at Eden Park.

The moment involved an intercept by Israel Folau (at around 75 mins into the game) who then sprinted down the field.

I hoped he would score. I expected him to score. But a determined “little” All Black, Beaudy Barrett, (probably 20 kgs lighter than Folau) ran him down and brought him down.

My lesson to my son:

How did this smaller player bring down this huge, legendary side-stepping Wallaby?

Confidence + Skill

Also Knowing your opponent!

As former-Wallabies commentators Stirling Mortlock and Matt Burke commented.

Folau is famous for his left-foot step.

AB cover tackle wide

Barrett left Folau space and time and used the sideline as a second defender – and eventually “got him”.

What impressed me most was Barrett’s sheer confidence and determination.

I wouldn’t like to be in a position trying to stop a runaway Izzy. πŸ™‚

Now, I know these players are experts and just “doing what they are trained to do”.

Still, I’m often impressed by their skill and guts – and the important lessons for my son.

My dad always says “It’s not the size of the man in the fight, but the size of the fight in the man”.

Barrett was a lot smaller – but there was no way Izzy was going to get past him!

Even ‘though I was disappointed that Izzy didn’t score and that the Wallabies got thumped – I loved watching the game – especially that “life lesson” moment.


O and T balls park

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