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How watching #BledisloeCup coverage can improve your business effectiveness and teamwork

I just witnessed great teamwork as I re-watched the coverage of the Bledisloe Cup.

KB kick

Yes – re-watched it!

I usually watch a game several times – first for the fun experience.

I then re-watch and analyse the moves and teamwork – on the field and with the commentary team.

Yes, I’m a real “nerd” for this sort of thing – but you can benefit from my “nerdiness”!

I guess you could say I’m a Rugby (League AND Union) fan who works as a business communication and efficiency trainer.

TB Media mosaic

I came from a TV background – so I really respect commentators and camera people AND directors who cover live sport. The ones who have to trust their instincts and experience and “back themselves” and make confident calls during a live event.

boys and balls

One thing that really impressed me in the last game was the teamwork between the commentators – how to take control and how to follow.

Here’s how the “play” unfolded.

At 69:20 Beale lines up for a vital kick. Wallabies 9 – ABs 12

It’s tense! It’s exciting!

Matt Burke knows this is a potential time for some “dead air”.

Burke “throws” to Mortlock on the sideline to describe the mood.

Mortlock starts describing the mood.

Beale is almost ready to kick.

Gordon Bray steps in and takes control. Not with the kicking – but with the commentary.

Bray has covered so many big games before, he knows when to talk and when to shut up and build suspense.

He suggests to Mortlock (and Burke) – “…let’s just sit back and watch. Some people will be praying.”

Then he allows for silence (and the sound from the pitch – the sound of the kick and the crowd cheer).

The kick is successful!

What Business lessons – can we all draw from this?

1. Know respective strengths of different team members. Burke and Mortlock are former Wallabies players and contribute their game expertise.

Bray played when he was younger (though not at the elite level) and knows the game – but he has more experience as a commentator.

2. Even if you are a “star” in an area of your business – know how and when to take direction. It’s not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of intelligence.

KB kick

I thought it was clever the way that Burke and Mortlock started talking about the mood – while Beale was setting up for his kick.

I’m guessing Mortlock (on the sideline) didn’t have a TV monitor – and so Bray (who would have had a monitor as well as being able to see the game life) knew when it was time to be silent.

Anyway, great teamwork between the 3 commentators.

I’m guessing the 3 will know this commentary play when there is an important kick in the next game at Eden Park on Saturday. Can’t wait!!!


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