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Younger workers are smart with technology – but many are “dangerously dumb” with this…

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Younger business people seem so much smarter and faster in many ways.

I have the privilege to work with and help many younger people in businesses.

The younger “workers” seem faster and smarter in many ways –  especially when it comes to technology and multi-tasking – yet there are some areas where they can be “dangerously dumb”.

TB talking to class

Here are a few examples. I know it can seem so “old-school” to fret about choosing the right words – but in business the wrong word can cost you money and credibility.

Because we are so “connected” by technology  – we can find out almost anything at any time.

We don’t have to retain and remember information. Then there’s spell check.

People who went to school pre-internet were taught how to spell and remember the differences in sound-a-like words.

From my experience working with younger workers, many do not know the difference…

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