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Alarming differing attitudes in the workplace about “basic” mistakes in business writing

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What do you thing about “basic mistakes” in business writing?

More importantly, what are your clients/customers likely to thing about “basic mistakes”?

Did you still understand what I meant – even with the thing/think mistake?

Did you judge me harshly for this mistake  or did you just “move on” without any distraction?

TB training group

As a business writing coach and trainer – I’ve been witnessing first-hand an interesting shift in attitude towards ” basic mistakes” in business writing.

The think is:  “mistakes” such as thing/think  slip threw/through.

Spell check will knot pick up words that are proper words (just not the correct words for the sentence they are used in).

Spell check is not enough!

In training sessions, I’ve had younger writers (super-smart, young financial writers) argue that:

1. they didn’t worry about “basic” mistakes. They thought the course content section on correcting “basic” mistakes was too basic for them –…

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