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Wake me up before you post post!

People of a certain vintage will probably get the above reference in the heading to that annoyingly infectious old song “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go!” – the song that inspired this post.

wake me up


This post can help you time your posts  esecially when you have audiences in different time zones.


I live in Australia most of the time and have audiences in the UK and US as well as parts of Asia and South Africa, the Middle East and Europe – and many places in between.

One thing that helped me time my tweets and posts (and something that can help you) –  was a study that reported that many people use their  mobile phone as their alarm and one of the first things people do (even before they get out of bed) is check their messages and social media.


Hence, it’s important to be aware when people are likely to wake up. I know this varies from person to person – but it can help you get a general idea of when time your tweets and blog posts.

If your audience is not awake, chances are they won’t see your tweets or posts.

Or rather, there’s a greater chance your messages will get seen if you time your messages for close to the time when people wake up and have their breakfast.


So, for example, here’s how I time my messages –  I will tweet relevant subject matter for my Australian audiences, then move to subject matter my audience in Asia, then Africa, then The Middle East, then Europe, then the UK and then the US.


One of my blogs is aimed at people who have English as a Second Language – so I time those posts for when the sun reaches different countries in Asia, Africa and Europe – and South America.

world clock time zones


You get the picture. Time your tweets – especially for around  when people wake up and want to see what’s new. What’s happened while they were asleep.

I bet you can’t get that song out of your head. I hope it will help you to remember to time your tweets!




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