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Why recruiters must be extra careful to correct writing mistakes

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If you work in recruitment or if your organisation hires people directly – you MUST take the time to check your external writing.

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The writing reflects the professionalism and reputation of your organisation and (if you are a recruiter) your client.

I understand that the recruitment industry is currently in turmoil and many people in the job of recruiting others  are themselves losing their jobs.

Recruiters  or the “initial screeners” in the selection process are often so quick to judge about any mistakes in job applications  – and yet often the  job descriptions are riddled with errors.

I understand that in the recruitment process – fewer people are having to do more work.

However – it’s vital that you take the time to try to reduce the errors in your writing.

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I am a real word nerd. I carefully analyse how professionals express themselves in places such as

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