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What businesses can learn from this Japanese idea of “enough”

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Have you ever asked yourself whether the Western business way is the “only” way.

From my experience in helping large Western corporations – the Western prevailing attitude is: MORE


The profit line always has to move up and to the right.

The  numbers for next quarter or next month always have to be MORE than this quarter or  this month.

The bigger and faster the MORE – the better.

If it’s not MORE – you are failing.

I understand – this attitude drives success and improvement. That’s what business is about. That’s one of the reasons why Western businesses are so successful.



I recently had an enlightening “lesson” from an experienced Australian executive who loves visiting Japan – especially the smaller villages near the snow fields.

He told me with wide-eyed amazement about these little family-owned eating places where the owners stop being a business for the night…

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