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How the “fridge effect” can help your communication

Lessons we can all learn from this earlier post inspired by fridge messages!

doubleshot media

This post was inspired by this political message image I saw on Facebook this morning.

This post is about pointing out “fridge effect” communication techniques you can use. It’s not about promoting Labor OR Liberal.

fridge message

I use the  image as an example to show  lessons you can learn from the “fridge effect”.

This example is a share-able political message to a target audience – in this case, families with kids.

I don’t know who prepared the image. I saw it courtesy of one of my Facebook friends and I think the message originally came from Wayne Swan’s office.

Whether you support Labor OR Liberal (or another party) Please look beyond the political message to the lessons you can learn from it

At this stage of the Australian election campaign, the public has been bombarded with so many messages – so much information, so much complexity. How do you remind your key…

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