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How to get things done by eliminating excuses (Chris Brogan style)

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Are your excuses stopping you from getting things done?

We all have excuses that we use to delay taking action.

no excuses

I really need this before I can start! 

I’ll do it tomorrow – when I have X!

I learn so much from US podcaster and business development expert – Chris Brogan.

I started avidly listening to get business tips – and I’ve found often his incidental lines and comments give me solutions to all sorts of life challenges as well – even how to get your kids to eat vegetables!

YOU know – everyday stuff as well as crucial serious business tips!

human business way copy

(Chris’s podcast – the Human Business Way)

In one Chris Brogan podcast I listened to,  he spoke about how he gets things done by getting rid of excuses he would normally use.

He talks about his determination to go to yoga classes and how he makes sure he…

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