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#SocialMedia engagement – timing tip 2 – timing and “truthiness” – perfect Tuesday timing

Yesterday I wrote about “perfect timing” and “audience alignment” for an engaging radio segment AND how you could apply the same logic to improve your social media engagement – to connect with your audience and encourage response.

C retro radio 2

It was a perfect topic for a Monday morning – as the kids go back to school.

Well, today this radio show did another segment that was SOOOO perfect for a Tuesday on a cold winter morning.

You see Brisbane is experiencing clear skies and the weather is cool in the mornings – but much warmer as the day progresses.

The consequence of the weather: school kids often take off their school jumpers or jackets. They forget to bring them home – and so the kids are cold in the mornings.

The segment was about: kids leaving their jumpers or jackets at school and consequently they are cold the next day before they get to school. What do you do? How do you get them to remember their jackets? What if they lose their jacket? Do you buy another one from the uniform shop? Is a bit of “tough love” – letting them ‘suffer’ the cold – teach them to remember?

Now I know it sounds like a trivial “first world problem” – but these very questions were top of mind for me today!

TB today shoot

Now as a news junkie and former TV journalist I am very interested in developments in The Ukraine and The Middle East – yet I stayed glued on this particular segment because it was exactly what was on my mind at that moment.

Timing and “truth” – or as Colbert fans would say – “truthiness”!


The segment was so “minor” yet so “real”.

This radio show has a lot of parents in its audience – parents like me who could really relate to this segment.

Also, it was perfect timing – because on a cool Tuesday morning – the kids had been to school on the Monday and on the Tuesday morning many were probably cold because they had no jacket.

Also the segment came on as I was driving my kids to school – and as you can see my son had no jacket.

o no jacket

He’d left it at school on the Monday.

So, tips for you:

1. Think of your audience and their week – what are they likely to be experiencing on the day and at the time you “publish” OR what have they likely experienced close to the time of publication?
2. It helps if you are similar to your audience – what topics interest and affect you are likely to affect and interest your audience too!
3. don’t be afraid to cover topics that are “small” – it’s often the little things (the common experiences) that help you connect with your audience.

Remember, timing and “truthiness”! 🙂

If you’re interested, here’s a link to Part 1

Social Media Engagement – Timing Tip 1


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