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#SocialMedia engagement tip – it’s all about timing and what’s on the mind of your audience

This morning I experienced one of the most engaging radio segments I’ve heard in a long time – and it was all due to what I call perfect “audience alignment” and timing.

C radio

The segment was all about something that was on my mind. It was not about world events – but it was about what was going on in MY WORLD.


I have two kids and they have recently gone back to school after school holidays.
My kids always seem to have a growth spurt when they are on school holidays – or maybe I just notice it more.

O percussion

Plus on Sunday the day before this radio segment, I was busy getting the kids school uniforms ready (as many families do) – and thinking about and discussing with my wife about how the kids were growing and how hey would probably need bigger sizes.

This morning as the radio segment went to air I was busy getting the kids ready for school.

My wife works on morning radio as a newsreader – so when I am not away running workshops overseas, I get the kids ready for school.

The subject of the radio segment? – YOUR KIDS GROWING out of their clothes.

Sure, the story was not about The Ukraine or The Middle East or Australian victories at the Commonwealth Games – but it was about what was on my mind exactly at the time and something that had been “building up” over the weekend and with the kids going back to school after holidays.

I think the MONDAY placement was very clever.

Then again, I’m guessing that the presenter was just talking about a small but “real” concern in her life – something she had probably had on her mind over the weekend – and it made for a very engaging segment.

Lots of callers called in with their stories.

So I encourage you to think about what “little things” will be foremost on you audience’s mind.

(I should disclose that my wife works for this station as the morning news reader. The kids and I listen to mum on the radio in the morning. I DO find the issues discussed in the programming to be relevant to my world.)

So when you are thinking about subject mater for your social media – think:

1. Timing – what’s on your audience’s MIND at the time you “publish” or post?
2. Common – what are common, everyday experiences people can relate to?
3. Engagement – what are easy topics people want to join in the discussion about?


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