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#Writing for Business Pt 3 – use visual language – help your reader “see”

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Strong writing helps readers see what’s happening –  strong writing  expresses vague ideas through concrete things (nouns)  you can see and  through actions (verbs).

Here’s an example from an Obama speech:

another family puts up a “for sale” sign in their front yard, another factory shuts its doors, another soldier waves goodbye

I am a big fan of  the writing in Obama’s speeches.

I have many friends who are Democrats and many who are Republicans.  I’m an AustraIian who admires Obama’s communication techniques from afar – with geographical and ideological detachment – studying the power of the words, not the politics.

I urge you to study the writing and see how you can learn from the use of words – not the politics expressed.

word nerd CU

As a word nerd, political speechwriter and fan of political speeches, I’ve studied Obama’s speeches since 2004.

I carefully analyse the words and writing that help…

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