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When the correct word alludes you – elude or allude?

Choose the Right Words

This post was inspired by reading the writing of a very clever writer – a clever writer who made a common mistake confusing sound-a-like words allude and elude.

“…most examples are sales related, the tool our speaker eluded to can be applied across all professions.” 

It should be alluded to rather than eluded to.

An easy way to remember the difference and how to choose the correct word:

To elude means to escape.

An easy way to remember is to remember the EsElude to Escape

To allude to is to refer to indirectly.

I’m sure there is an easy way to remember this –  but the memory trick alludes me at the moment!

word nerd CU


If you’d like links to other easy-to-remember prompts to help you choose the right works – take a peak here! 🙂

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