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How to choose the right word – peak or peek or pique?

Choose the Right Words

twin peaks

I just saw one of my favourite writers write about “to peak interest”.

In that case the correct word should be piqueto arouse interest.

This got me thinking (piqued my interest) about all the different  sorts of “peaks” in English.

Peak – as in the pinnacle, the highest point. A mountain peak.

peek – to look at – often a quick look


pique – to arouse or to stimulate (interest or appetite)

word nerd CU

As a word nerd, I try to use my nerdiness for good – to  help businesses help their writers know how to choose the right words.

I often help create easy-to-remember “prompts” – often simple visual prompts based around the letters in the words or similarity to other words.

For example, to help you remember how to choose the right “peak”:

peAk – think of the peak in the A like a mountain to remember

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