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WHY YOU (YES YOU!) NEED TO vary your writing and EMPHASIS for different audiences!!!!

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What sort of industry do you work in?

One that values conformity and fitting in – or one that values EXPRESSIVENESS and STANDING OUT!!!

This post was inspired by feedback over twitter from someone in the US – with well-intentioned feedback that he found my bolding in my posts distracting and hard on the eye.

I value the feedback…and it got me thinking about emphasis in writing.

Not just the words – but how those words look and sound on the page or screen.

You can add emphasis and vary the sound with:


punctuation – exclamation marks!!!!



“air quotations” –  quotation marks always says to me (in an “Austin Powers” voice) that someone else saying this or it’s a special term – think “LASER”.

word nerd CU

As a writing trainer, I work with a range of industries.

When I work with creative industries like media and music and…

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