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How to reduce #twitter anxiety – #Twanxiety

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Do you suffer from twitter addiction? Are you attwicted? You must constantly check your twitter?

Do you have Twanxiety – Twitter anxiety?

That’s where you get anxious that you might be missing out on something.

You have FOMO – Fear of Missing Out!

You get anxious that there are so many links to cool things you want to check out – but you don’t have the time.

The real world and real people annoy you and get in the way of your twitter treasures!


I understand because I had Twanxiety. I felt like I was trying to drink from a firehose – gushing with so much content.

I learned to have “twitter time out” and “digital detox”. I take breaks where  I  disconnect completely and replace twitter with the real sound of real twittering birds! And enjoy  sipping nice calming drinks.

T banana trees

Interestingly, it was a tweet with a link…

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