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#Writing for business Tip 2 – when nouns can save your arse

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Here’s a little writing trick about how nouns can help you out of touchy situations – how non-blame nouns can help you make a “blameless apology” and sound “diplomatic”.

TB words

Generally the active voice is better because it:

  • clearly identifies the “actor”
  • is more concise, and
  • sounds more vigorous.

However, sometimes you want to “vague it up”. You don’t want to point the finger of blame at anyone.

Let’s just say your client made a mistake because the client misunderstood instructions. It was the client’s fault – but you don’t want to say that.

If you wrote:

We are sorry you misunderstood the instructions.

that is in active voice:  “YOU” misunderstood the instructions – Subject Verb Object.

This active construction makes it clear that the client (YOU) is the one to blame – the one who misunderstood the instructions.

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That’s where NOUNS come in very handy!

Here’s how you harness the

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