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What do you reckon? Trampoline for grown-ups – Pogo au Go-Go!

This post was inspired mid-air.  No not flying – just bouncing up in the air on a trampoline.

My wife and I took the kids to the launch of a new trampoline fun centre.

family tramp


My kids were very good at it.

O tramp

I wanted to try it too – and even though I  looked very uncool and “boring” – I really enjoyed just bouncing up and down – especially hands down by the side like the old punk dance – The Pogo.


It was in mid-air that I thought about whether other grown-ups would enjoy “enhanced pogo-ing” in a trampoline.


The music at the launch was very hip and modern and “now” – mainly aimed at  the younger demographic who would be likely to visit the place.


I wondered if there was potential to have a special “sealed-off” section where more mature types could just bounce up and down without any fancy moves.


Even better – pogo-ing to energetic New Wave or Punk style music!

Even ‘though old punk songs were playing in my head as I bounced – it would have been great to have some Ramones or Sex Pistols or Angels (Shadow Boxer) of The Saints (I’m Stranded) blasting out over the sound system.

The Saints

Another song that played in my head – the old Plastic Bertrand Ca Plane Pour Moi!




I know rollerskating and ice-skating rinks have special events with different music and even “romantic mirrorballs”!

Why not a trampoline centre?

Just an idea I had bouncing up and down.

Mid-air I even thought of a name – Pogo Au Go-Go.

I wonder if my creativity was enhanced by all the bouncing – and  the energetic, uninhibited  “vibe” of the place.

Slipping free from the surly bonds of earth!


Now, I have no connection with this trampoline venue – but I was really “inspired” by the experience last night!



When I teach creativity to businesses like Advertising Agencies – in Sydney we’d often go to  creative spaces away from the everyday offices. We would encourage a change of scene and loosening up and “playing”.


I wonder if a bit of bouncing could shake free a few creative ideas.


I noticed smaller rooms (for kids parties)  and thought how they could also be corporate creative cauldrons mid-week when the kids are at school.


party room tramp

I understand many mature people fear embarrassment – and unless you are good on a trampoline you can look pretty silly and uncoordinated and undignified. I speak from experience!

Maybe with grown ups, they could access the trampolines in small groups with people they are comfortable with.


That’s the beauty of the pogo – there is no expectation of fancy moves. Just bouncing straight up and down.

That’s something even I can manage!


What do you think? Honestly?

Do you think just bouncing up and down is something grown-ups would enjoy?

Also, what music would you like to listen to if you were on a trampoline?


Please share in the comments section below.



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