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inTwigue on #Twitter: How you can write Intriguing tweets that people actually bother to read.

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inTwigue: How you can write Intriguing  tweets that people actually bother to stop and  read.

Detective cover

Are you intrigued to find out what happens next? I know I am!

This cover intrigues: arouses curiosity or interest by revealing unusual, new or otherwise fascinating or compelling qualities.

If YOU (yes YOU!) want to write Twitter and other social media words that actually get read – you can learn lots from US “Intrigue expert” Sam Horn.

Sam Horn intrigue


I’ve was learning from and laughing at her writing this morning and her intriguing style inspired this post! – and the  very word inTwigue

You should check Sam out.

I’m not connected with her in any business way – only connected via Twitter and social media  – and I’m a big fan and she has inspired many posts – links at the end if you’re interested.


Here’s how her writing can help YOU – how…

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