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Why horrible horrifying secrets attract on #SocialMedia

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Pssst – want to know a secret? A horrifying secret?

There is so much “content” on social media – that you have to work so much harder to get people to want to read or watch what you have to say or show.

Every day we get hundreds, maybe thousands, of tweets and Facebook messages and blog posts. We only have time to experience a small fraction of what’s presented to us.

We decide whether to “sample” – in a fraction of a second. Do we “sample” or move on to the….NEXT! offering?

When something catches my attention, I analyse WHY –

why it hooked my interest

why it stood out from all the others and

why it compelled me to read it or watch it!

Today, I “found” a site and I just kept on reading/watching one post/video after another.

It was the power of the words used in…

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