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Sometimes it’s best to be clear and “OBVIOUS” in #SocialMedia – find out why here >

This post was inspired by and incident where I almost got hit by a car.

look lights

I was in a rush – trying to walk and look down at my phone at the same time  – trying to read messages.

As I looked down towards my phone I saw some OBVIOUS WORDS on the street  near my feet – words that instructed me to take an action – and probably saved me from getting injured.

OBVIOUS WORDS that told me what to do.

look 4


An arrow even made it obvious where to look – in this case to the left where traffic was coming from

Usually in Australia  – we first look to the right.

At other intersections OBVIOUS WORDS warned to look to the right.

look 3


It occurred to me that with social media too – when you have busy readers in a rush (often multi-tasking) it helps to be OBVIOUS.


If you want someone to do something – make it OBVIOUS.

Sure, people should know what to do – but when they are busy and preoccupied you can better better results when you make it OBVIOUS.

I often study the tweeting styles of skilled writers for twitter – like Chris Brogan from the US. Chris Brogan @chrisbrogan ·


Another of my favourites is Stephanie Clegg @StephanieFrasco, She has a very sociable and chatty style.

See how they both often (but not always) MAKE THE “NEXT STEP” OBVIOUS.

When they want a reader to click on a link in the tweet – they make it OBVIOUS.

Chris will often put a dash or hyphen pointing to the link. I’ve seen other tweeters use > or ->


Like those arrows  or those retro style pointing fingers that make things OBVIOUS.


windsor room sign





Check out their tweet styles – HERE ->

CB tweet


If you think being OBVIOUS is too “rude or bossy” – you can “soften” it with conversational contractions as Stephanie does.

Steph tweet

This afternoon, I tried an experiment where I started being more OBVIOUS with “tag expressions” and >s such as:

See why here >

Enjoy here >

Find out here>


And the results…

See for yourself, here >

hits bump


I must admit, this post was also inspired by the way Chris Brogan draws from some everyday (often pedestrian) experience – like an experience waiting at a cross at WALK lights.


I encourage you to study his style. He has inspired lots of my posts.


You can learn from them here –

Chris Brogan “real word” posr style

Chris Brogan’s scary twitter style


TB Social Media KLT

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