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#SocialMedia and #Spitfire roundels – use the power of eye-catching images

doubleshot media

It’s interesting what catches our eye.

It happens in an instant – and yet it can mean the difference between pausing to read a message of moving on to the next.

Spitfire roundel

It’s even more interesting how “eye-catchers” can help you stand out with your social media.

Images can have connotations – and make us feel certain ways.

Whenever something on social media hooks my attention or make me “feel” a certain way – I try to analyse why? 

Today this simple image hooked my eye.

Social catapult

If I analyse it –  it’s probably because I am a massive fan of Mod , Neo-Mod and Brit Pop music. I live in Australia – and  I love the mod design ethos and music – and the Vespas and Lambrettas!

TB Parka

To my eye, the image was a “mod-ified” version of the image often associated with Mods – and bands and fashion purveyors like Ben…

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